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TERRA RR130 consist of shaft less unwinding three twin reel stations with automatic track & trolley systems, de-curling unit, slitting unit, synchro rotary cutting unit, conveyor unit, collating unit, robot unit, ream wrapping unit and centralized control panel (PLC).

Model TERRA RR130
Web Speed*(meters/minute) 225
Reel Width (mm) 850 to 1300
Reel Diameter (mm) 1600
Reel Weight (Kgs.) 2500
Core Chucks (mm) 152.4
Number of Pockets 6
Max. Knife Load (GSM) 400
Max. Cutting Width (mm) 1260
Paper GSM (GSM) 70 to 100
Production Capacity (for 24 hours working) Up to 100 Tons
TERRA RR130 can be configured for multiple size.
* Depending upon quality and GSM of the paper